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Transfer services allow a variety number of applications in the field of data transfer from a sensor to superior systems or between different types of PLC controls or other data sources. You can define the transfer rate freely. It shows the interval of the variables from source to drain.

This technology allows industry a lot of applications in the field of condition monitoring, stock management systems, product information systems and quality management systems. autinity offers three different types of transfer solutions: CamTransfer, PLCTransfer and VibroTransfer.

1. autinityVibroTransfer

The VibroTransfer service is a supporting tool for condition monitoring using vibration sensors. Vibration data sets are transferred between a PLC and a sensor. Transfer from the sensor to the PLC takes place at controlled intervals. The actual data transfer uses the autinity software service and a connected PC or an NCU / PCU. We use this service to do a crash control during a machine tool change or the triggering of specified actions (tool change, emergency, etc.) or monitoring of individual process steps.


• reduce machine failures
• reduce downtime by early problem detection
• continuous, wireless condition monitoring
* 1

2. autinityPLCTransfer

We developed the PLC transfer service to provide a consistent communication between one or more PLC. Even a communication between two or more PLS is possible. IPCs were used as a centre spot to get a PLC connection. After an interface configuration of the IPC you can start the transfer service. At this point the IPC is ready to process the individual transfer functions. We are able to configure a variety of scenarios.


•    fast uniform communications processes
•    simplification of production processes
* 2

3. autinityCamTransfer

We developed the CamTransfer service to make possible the communication between a camera or barcode reader and a machine control. With the autinity software service it is possible to transfer barcode information on a component (e.g. cylinder head) or any other information (e.g. about the future production process) to the control. With this service you have the ability to see what production steps the component has passed. The communication between the individual components is based on TCP / IP.


• possibility for production process monitoring
• reduction of production errors
* 3

4. System requirements

Software services can be installed on Linux or Windows as well as on NC systems. System requirements: JAVA

  • * 1 image source: SPS graphic + NCU/PCU (Siemens), PC (Google search)
  • * 2 image source: SPS graphic (Siemens), database + CSV-graphic (Google search)
  • * 3 image source: camera (Cognex), PC (Google search)


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