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You are looking for trouble-free production processes?

With our condition-based maintenance we provide the basis for a high availability for your machinery and equipment at anytime. A complete documentation and analysis of your machine data is important.

Are your machinery and equipment not connect with a network? You want complete and error-free documentation, but there is a shortage skilled workers of your company?

No Problem - we have the solution

Our autinityMMD is a portable vibration severity meter for targeted data processing and analysis among industrialists conditions. We made it for offline machines. Through the different applications (Apps) you can control these whenever you want. Depending on your app choice it is possible to analyze the vibration data detailed or to indicate conclusive diagrams.

The MMD has a stable construction with a sturdy frame fiberglass-reinforced. You can work with the wide touch screen intuitively and, of course, with work gloves. For industrial services the autinityMMD is perfect with using apps for a trouble-free vibration data analysis.

1. To make vibrations simple visible 

Cyclically or continuously moving machinery and equipment causes vibrations. In certain cases this is acceptable. But if vibrations exceed specified tolerances, they can cause machine failure or complete unplanned shutdowns of the production processes. At worst personal damages are possible.

As machine operator you have problems with unplanned shutdowns? You want to check if your machine works within specified vibration data according to the ISO standards (10816, 7919) or to the manufacturer’s information? Our autinityMMD is the right choice for providing the vibration data to the operator with accurate information about the condition of bearings, gears and couplings.

The autinityApps and the analysis are enable to detect increased vibration levels immediately and identify the cause.

2. Specific machine diagnosis

In correspondence with our MMD we offer you supplementary technological system solutions. Our product range helps you to make a specific and accurate machine diagnosis possible. autinityCMS is the perfect MMD partner to get a specific diagnosis and evaluation of recorded vibration data.

Condition monitoring in three steps:
data recording, condition assessment and diagnosis.

We developed the autinityMMD for machinery and equipment e.g., which can´t be connected to the Internet but must be monitored. For an exact vibration analysis you have to collect

the data externally. autinityCMS will find any discrepancies in the data sets and fix the error (e.g. replacement of machine parts). Read more

3. Modular configuration via specific autinityApps  

According to your requirements it is possible to equip your autinityMMD with the desired and needed apps. The apps will give the technician the possibility to evaluate the recorded vibration data according to his needs.

Click on the icons on the MMD display below and discover more about the various modules!

4. autinityMMD overview

Rugged compact and sturdy design
• closed, in one piece fiber produced monocoque frame

Mobile usage – assembly handle
• make the suspension on machinery enclosures possible

Working safe and shielded
• complete protection IP 54, IP 65 front protection
• replaceable rubber flaps protect all interfaces

Wireless communication
• Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g
• Bluetooth 2.0 CLASS 1 and CLASS 2

Widescreen display
• 13.3 "TFT display with a resolution of 1200x800 pixel and a 16:10 format"

Easily usable industrial touch screen
• more accurate industrial touch screen
• keep touchpen handy inside a holder
• status-LED display for wireless communication and system status
• illuminated keypad (6 buttons)

Industrial powerful usage
• Intel ® Core ™ Duo processors
• pp to 2GB DDR2 RAM
• save data on SSD or 2.5 "HDD

Working mobile on a permanent basis
• intake two identical rechargeable lithium-ion smart batteries
• battery release and exchange with gloves is feasible
• operating with one battery is possible
• battery can be replaced in a dual operation mode (hot swap)

Docking connector
• docking connection for extended accessory
• desk holder with optional port replicator

5. Technical data

Display: 13.3 "TFT 1280 x 800 (WXGA)
Standard Touch: Resistive "five wire" Industrial Touch
LED Indicators: Power / Sys, HDD, WLAN, Bluetooth
Keyboard: soft keyboard layout in different languages
                                          Six hard keys with the following assignment:
                                             • power
                                             • FN (second level)
                                             • toggle / FN: Increases volume
                                             • hotkey button / FN: Decrease volume
                                             • right button / FN: Raise brightness
                                             • soft Keyboard / FN: Lower the brightness
Storage: Hard Drive 2.5 "SATA
Interfaces: (one port with max load 1.5 A) 2 x USB 2.0
                                         Built-in 1 x USB 2.0 deepened
                                         1 x RJ45 10/100Mbps
                                         1 x MIC IN


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