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1. Isolated applications are insufficient

The cost pressure in discrete manufacturing is growing. The need for coordination between different departments in your company and works increases. Existing isolated applications that are based on separate Excel spreadsheets, and departmental databases have reached their limits. You want to avoid redundant records in the business, increase efficiency and productivity. Your operating data shall be recorded centrally, the workflow more transparent, so that planning, control and evaluation is easier.

2. The solution: Enterprise-Resource-Planning-software

An Enterprise-Resource-Planning-software for the manufacturing industry offers the right solution. The individual software of autinity systems is the better choice compared to highly standardized ERP solutions from other vendors because it can be customized for your company.

3. autinity systems as your partner

The offer of autinity systems GmbH with nearly 10 years of experience, individual adaptability to specific departmental requirements, the modular design and location-independent access to the browser-based ERP-software will convince you. autinityERP® is different from competing products because it allows you a deeper insight into your business data.

4. Preparation of implementation

Together, we first analyze the organizational structures and work processes so that business productivity is increased by optimal use of the ERP software. Requirements for the ERP implementation are derived from the analysis and documented in a concept.

5. Implementation of the ERP-software

After preparing the implementation of the ERP software according to the previously developed concept with you takes place. We install the ERP system on your server and you train selected staff (key users) for a test phase. During this test phase, processes are optimized and customized to the respective key users. After completion of the test phase, the end users are trained in the ERP software and the system will put into commissioning.

6. Practical experiences with autinityERP

The consistent use of autinityERP will pay off for you quickly.

For example, the work of controlling is facilitated by a multiple. The formation, use and control of cost centers with associated budgets, the planning of staff training or a quick overview of the production status - in a few minutes you will receive all relevant current information, you had to invest a lot of time before the introduction of autinityERP. Visualizations in the form of diagrams give you a quick overview. Read more on www.erp-leitstand.de.
Sales staff will no longer have to search multiple databases for existing customer data and transfer them by hand into letter templates. Instead, they look into your ERP software and quickly find all the information needed. With a few clicks you store inquiries and sales reports in the system, create quotes and orders and archive important documents in a central document management system (DMS). Read more on www.erp-leitstand.de

In production you press a button and get production schedules and status, book production mode and form batches. Via production displays (PDPL) your employees can enter data directly into the ERP system. This means a large amount of time and paper savings. Read more on www.erp-leitstand.de

Also working in the purchasing, receiving, inventory management, laboratory, goods issue, accounting and human resources management becomes more productive with autinityERP, cooperation becomes easier. Further details of the individual modules are available here. Read more on www.erp-leitstand.de


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